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Ep 39: Jordan Jonas on Wilderness Adventure & Winning Alone

January 19, 2022 Seth Spears, Jordan Jonas Episode 39
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 39: Jordan Jonas on Wilderness Adventure & Winning Alone
Show Notes

Jordan Jonas shares his experience on the survival reality TV show Alone. He gives a firsthand look at his life, telling stories of hitching train rides and befriending hobos, living in Siberia, falling through ice, and how his many life experiences prepared him for the outdoors and have contributed to his success. 

Jordan is a Wilderness Living & Self-Reliance Expert and the Winner of Season 6 of the History Channel's popular survival reality show, Alone. He grew up in the mountains of Idaho, and as a young adult, he spent a year riding freight trains across the US, where he learned to navigate both rural and urban environments. 

Jordan spent ten years in Siberia, where he lived with fur trappers and traditional nomadic reindeer herders, which is where he learned the art of primitive survival. During his time on Alone, he spent 77 days in the Arctic while also successfully hunting a bull moose, a wolverine, dozens of rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and numerous fish that he survived on. 


"Take the time to think deeply about what matters to you and organize your life around that." 

Topics Discussed:

  • The mindset required for Alone
  • Confronting inner turmoil before going into the wild
  • 77 days in the wilderness 
  • Focusing on the "present" rather than worrying about the future
  • Growing up on a farm
  • Hitchhiking & Hobos
  • Waiting on trains & entertaining yourself
  • Living in Siberia & fur trapping
  • The "Old Believers" 
  • Preparing for Alone
  • Snaring Groundhogs 
  • Hunting for meat
  • How life has changed after winning Alone
  • Jordan's wilderness school
  • Conservation thoughts 
  • Life lessons from the outdoors
  • Falling through the ice in Siberia
  • Essential gear for the outdoors 

Resources Mentioned:

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