Adventure Made Podcast

Ep 26: Jordan Reasoner on Life & the Outdoors

September 08, 2021 Seth Spears, Jordan Reasoner Episode 26
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 26: Jordan Reasoner on Life & the Outdoors
Show Notes

Jordan Reasoner is a well-known business consultant and marketer in the natural health world, an avid hunter, outdoorsman, friend, and wilderness guide living in Bozeman, Montana. Seth and Jordan enjoy a bottle of tequila while talking about life, the outdoors, and their recent backpacking trip. 


  • "There is so much awe, beauty, and elegance in nature."
  • "God, what do you want me to know & what do you want me to do?" 

Topics Discussed:

  • Montana trip recap
  • Pushing your limits
  • "Pray & Poop" routine 
  • Being grateful
  • Learning & growing 
  • Seeing the world wake up while in nature
  • Hiking angry
  • Internal motivation
  • Leaning into hard things & temporary pain
  • The military's research on time under tension
  • Solo vs. group trips
  • Building stamina in the mountains
  • Messages, injuries, & what our body is telling us
  • Instilling mental toughness in children
  • Doing something challenging every day & building that skill 
  • Wrecked on the floor & getting through difficult times
  • Total responsibility 
  • Prince or king & the maturation of man
  • Adjusting to society after being in the wilderness
  • Winning, losing, learning, & showing up
  • Your brain as a sponge vs. filter
  • Having balance and appreciating life

Resources Mentioned:

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