Adventure Made Podcast

Ep 21: Brothers Catch-up & Product Updates

August 04, 2021 Seth Spears, Josh Spears, Adam Spears, David Spears Episode 21
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 21: Brothers Catch-up & Product Updates
Show Notes

In this episode of the Adventure Made Podcast, brothers Seth, Josh, Adam, and David, catch up and talk about Rewild Gear product updates and give a behind-the-scenes look at starting a gear company. This episode was the first one featuring the four founding brothers of the company. 


  • "If the desert wants you to die, you will." 
  • "Get your gear right and keep it tight!" 

Topics Discussed:

  • Product updates & testing
  • Feedback on the Gasper 4 knife
  • Learning, stretching & growing
  • Manufacturers frustrations
  • Firecrackers & catching things on fire
  • Josh's disdain for plastic
  • Adam's destiny as a Firefighter
  • Seth's experience with start-ups & overcoming hurdles
  • David's thoughts on branding, positioning & storytelling
  • The design process & bringing products to market
  • Everyday gear for the car
  • Quality companies & scaling
  • Wilderness lessons learned from living in the desert 
  • Conservation & controversy 
  • Future products 
  • Pocket dump

Resources Mentioned:

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