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Ep 20: Mansal Denton on Sacred Hunting

July 28, 2021 Seth Spears, Mansal Denton Episode 20
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 20: Mansal Denton on Sacred Hunting
Show Notes

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting, host of the Mansal Denton Podcast, and is the subject of an upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life and death through hunting. 

Feeling insecure in early life, he chased a woman to Europe, which led him to prison. Struggling with shame and confusion of what it meant to be a man, he found his calling with the sacred art of hunting. He now desires to share this practice with more men.

His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 7 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart."


  • “We have to believe in a more beautiful world in order to create it”

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding the true version of yourself
  • Using insecurities to do good
  • Stealing historical documents 
  • Being in prison and its transformation
  • The background of Sacred Hunting
  • Indigenous hunting practices
  • Consumerism culture 
  • Symbolism & relating to the land
  • Going from zero to one in hunting
  • Using hunting as a tool to transform oneself 
  • Building confidence through the outdoors
  • The gravity of taking a life 
  • Reconnecting to our food source
  • The importance of social interaction & building community
  • Utilizing harsh conditions to improve & grow
  • Navigating  vulnerability
  • Favorite gear & brands

Resources Mentioned:

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