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Ep 10: Aaron Gough on Quality & Sustainability in Knife Making

May 19, 2021 Seth Spears, Aaron Gough Episode 10
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 10: Aaron Gough on Quality & Sustainability in Knife Making
Show Notes

Aaron Gough is a custom knife-maker based in Toronto, Canada. He has been making knives full time for the past 6 years and approaches knife-making in a modern way by trying to blend automation and craftsmanship. 

His love of electronics, programming, machining, CNC, and knives has hugely influenced his work. Before his knife making career, he worked as a software engineer . 

Gough’s signature Resolute knife is designed as the ultimate outdoor utility knife to handle your hunting and camping tasks with ease. "Sculpted with CNC and finished by hand" is the motto of Gough Custom.

Quote: "Buy once, cry once"

Topics Discussed:

  • How Aaron got into knife making
  • How he used Reddit to market, promote, and sell his first knives
  • Why designing one knife model and perfecting it is the ideal business strategy
  • The tradeoff of knife steels, edge retention, corrosion resistance, heat treatment, and other knife making criteria
  • Knife design principles of shape, profile, grind, materials, and more
  • Aaron's favorite outdoor activities and most memorable experience
  • The finiteness of nature, materials, and sustainability in business
  • Why understanding supply chains and verifying material sourcing is so important
  • How perverse incentives are hurting our environment and business practices
  • Why Aaron may start manufacturing his own steel
  • Best options considerations for knife handle materials
  • Favorite gear to carry when in the outdoors
  • Why in the future garbage dumps could become the most valuable resource we have

Resources Mentioned:

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