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Ep 9: Jake Larsen, Outdoorsman, Carpenter, Public Land Advocate

May 12, 2021 Seth Spears, Jake Larsen Episode 9
Adventure Made Podcast
Ep 9: Jake Larsen, Outdoorsman, Carpenter, Public Land Advocate
Show Notes

Jake Larsen is a Montana wilderness guide, gear expert, carpenter, family man, and all around good guy. 

Jake was born and raised near the Bighorn Mountains and the Wind River range of central Wyoming and grew up in a very different childhood home than most, living in a tiny house with no TV, computers, or video games. Practically growing up outside, he learned to hunt, fish. and trap at a very early age. 

Today he lives in Southwest Montana with his wife Katie and owns a carpentry business, which gives him the freedom to spend over 100 days a year in the mountains. His passions include hunting mule deer with a bow or rifle, fly fishing for elusive golden trout, and light mountaineering adventures.

Quote:  "Find a way to get to the mountains"

Topics Discussed:

  • Jake's background story of growing up in the outdoors from an early age
  • How to get started trapping
  • How western hunting differs from eastern hunting
  • Why he decided to quit college, work for himself, and spend more time doing what he loves
  • How focusing on a specific trade and doing consistent work can lead to success
  • The biggest life lesson Jake has learned from spending time in the outdoors
  • The most memorable backpacking trip he would never want to repeat
  • The biggest conservation need today
  • The reality of hunting and survival shows
  • Why Jake avoids social media and most technology
  • How Jake and business partner Jordan Reasoner structure their backcountry excursions
  • Essential gear to take on every outdoor trip
  • Favorite outdoor companies

Resources Mentioned:

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